Adding a room to your house diy

Discover step-by-step instructions and inspiration for adding a room to your house DIY style. Create more space and enhance your home with these innovative room addition ideas.
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I'm back from my lovely Colorado vacation (sigh). I spent some time out yesterday in the sunny, 85 degree fall weather (hey, it's Texas folks - this is fall!) purchasing my mums and pumpkins.I know that these gorgeous fall days will soon give way to the messy days of winter so it's time to revisit Steph's mudroom. A quick recap; my friend Steph, who lives in the northeast, is adding a mudroom addition to her family's home - a 1700's school house - that will also serve as their entryway…

Becky Borden
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We purchased our first home June 2018 when we were only 24! Buying a home was always a huge dream of ours, and I always knew I wanted a fixer-upper. Fixer-uppers are NOT for everyone, but we love it! We...Read More