Aesthetic hair colour dyes

Transform your hair with trendy colour dyes to achieve an aesthetic and unique style. Discover top ideas to find the perfect hair colour that complements your individuality.

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WHAT'S SO GREAT ABOUT EXTENSIONS? Behind every head of fabulous hair is a little help. Whether it’s your favorite conditioner or a set of top-tier INH extensions (or both), there are so many ways to elevate your natural beauty to achieve the hair of your dreams. Extensions, in particular, are a quick and easy way to cr

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Go here if you are looking for the category Hair Levels. Go here if you are looking for the article Coloured Hair. Go here if you are looking for Hair Tones. Hair Depth or Hair Levels refers to "The International Hair Colour Level System" of 1 - 10, with 1 being the darkest (Black) and 10 being the lightest (Lightest Blonde) but occasionally 10+, 11 and 12 is used. These levels can determine how Hair Colouring will effect hair. Often the best results on colouring hair for bright colours and…

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