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Gothic Victorian Decorated For Halloween In Columbus, Ohio

It’s that time of the year when we roll up our sleeves, get into the creative mood and make something so spookily wonderful that it sends chills down the neighbors' spine. And while you still have time to figure out what you are gonna wear for Halloween (or shall we stop pretending and just face the fact that we all are going to dress as the green-tracksuited players from Squid Game), the house interior and exterior can’t wait.

Rachel Wild
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When last left off, the alien cannister was roughly put together. One detail it needed was a large turn valve. I made this on the cheap by cutting out of a 99 cent frisbee. It's support was a short piece of PVC pipe glued to a plastic planter saucer. Detailed with a faux bolt. Once distressed and aged with paint, it looked pretty "first glance" decent. The window was a piece of super thin plastic you find in those cheapo poster frames. It is incredibly light and flexible, I just painted on a…

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