Aluminum foil

Discover unique and innovative ways to use aluminum foil in your everyday life. From cooking hacks to household fixes, explore the endless possibilities of this versatile material.
Whether you use it for cooking or storing leftovers, aluminum foil is a kitchen mainstay. But could it also be bad for you? Foil, Photo And Video, Instagram Photo, Dangerous, Aluminum, Foil Packaging, Bone Diseases, Tin Foil, Air Duct

Researchers at Ain Shams University in Egypt have warned that wrapping food in foil – whether to cook it or to store it for later – could be harmful to our health. “Human bodies can excrete small amounts of aluminium very efficiently,” wrote chemistry professor Dr Ghada Bassioni in a recent article. “But most people are exposed to and ingest far more than [the World Health Organisation’s] suggested safe daily intake. Aluminium is present in corn, yellow cheese, salt, herbs, spices and tea…

Shaylianna Taylor