Amish community

Discover the fascinating world of the Amish community and learn about their unique culture, traditions, and way of life. Immerse yourself in their simple and sustainable lifestyle and gain insights into their strong sense of community and deep-rooted values.
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Auctioned Amish Home (20 photos)

This is an Amish home in the Berne, Indiana community (Adams County). This would be the largest group of the generally conservative "Swiss Amish". Depending on when you read this, the home and farm you see here will soon find itself - or may have already found - a new owner. This is a home

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A mysterious cluster of deaths amongst Amish children has finally been solved Amish Pie, Amish Town, Cedar Point Amusement Park, Woman Riding Horse, Amish Culture, Amish Family, Amish Farm, Amish Community, Historical Museum

A mysterious cluster of deaths amongst Amish children has finally been solved

In 2004, two Amish children—siblings, in fact—died while playing. They weren’t doing anything particularly dangerous, just normal recreation, but somehow they both passed away suddenly. But in the intervening 15-odd years, a lot has changed technologically. So when two more siblings died more recently, the Mayo Clinic had better tools at their disposal. And they’ve now solved the mystery.

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Where do Amish women give birth?

Amish children are born in hospitals, birthing centers - and at home Amish families have on average six to nine children (depending on the community). Amish parents make different choices about where to have their children. Some Amish prefer having children at home, in special birthing centers, or in conventional hospitals. Why some Amish

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