Ancient maps

Step back in time and explore the captivating world of ancient maps. Uncover hidden treasures and navigate through history with these remarkable cartographic artifacts.
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This is a guest post by Kathy Hart, Head of the Research Access and Collection Development Section in the Geography and Map Division. Libraries and museums often feature maps and related geographic content in digital and analog, large or small exhibits, displays and workshops. When considering the variety of materials available, how does one select …

Sabri Roson
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Easily navigating the world is one of the greatest gifts to the modern world. We developed tools to help with that, and one thing stands above all—a map. Throughout history, ancient maps of the world have been invaluable exploration tools. From the artistic designs of medieval maps to the earliest known primitive representations of the globe, these charts offer a glimpse into ancient history and our ancestors' evolving understanding of our planet.

Sarah Gillogly