Andy and april

Explore the hilarious and heartwarming moments of Andy and April's relationship. Discover their unique dynamic and find out why they are one of the most beloved couples on TV.
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17 Times April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer Were the Ultimate in Relationship Goals

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Costuming on the Daily - Abilene Scene

Confession time. I have a very vivid imagination and a tendency to day dream. Which I believe heavily contributes to this costuming habit of mine. When I was growing up I would get dressed in the morning according to who I wanted to be perceived as that day. Especially during those awkward teenage years when […]

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15 Lessons About Romance & Relationship Advice From The Best TV Couples

Our favorite TV shows give us the chance to follow the best TV couples through their relationship up and downs, and we can even learn a few things from them along the way. Here are 15 lessons about romance and relationship advice from our favorite on-screen couples.