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Decorate your space with captivating animal posters that showcase your love for animals. Explore a wide range of posters featuring your favorite animals and bring a touch of nature into your home.
Playful Watercolors Illustrate the Many Classifications of the Animal Kingdom | Colossal Wii, Illustrators, Design, Art And Illustration, Creatures, Animal Posters, Sea Creatures Art, Science Art, Sea Creatures

Illustrator and amateur naturalist Kelsey Oseid is focused on detailing the natural world, illustrating the animal kingdom’s many classes and orders on posters created with watercolor and gouache. The posters highlight more known orders such as Carnivora and Rodentia, while also showcasing the diversity of animals in lesser known orders like the Chondrichthyes and Artiodactyla. Oseid numerically labels the more common names of each animal in the footer of her works, pointing out where one…