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This is a fan animation of Star Wars created by Renato 3XL and myself. This was animated in Photoshop for 2D and Blender for 3D and all comped in AfterEffects. Credits: 2D character animation: Sykosan 3D and 2D effects: Renato3xl Music: Tolo Prats Sound FX: Marc Arambudo Sound mix: Sonoteque


Something that is bizarre [/bɪˈzɑː/] or weird is ‘‘very strange or unusual’’. Hence some of these Japanese animated movies are dark and possess a surreal and dreamlike facet. Absurdity is a recurring theme here, and in it, psychological thriller pieces and visually stunning twisted and derailed ani

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Cartoon ladies having an anatomically impossible waist to hip ratio is the standard at this point. Snow White is the most proportionally correct Disney princess since animators drew her from a real-life model and were tasked by the big man Walt himself to make her look more realistic and less cartoony. But it would be nice to imagine other characters in this fashion too.

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