Ann margret

Explore the captivating career and undeniable charm of Ann-Margret. Discover her iconic roles, mesmerizing performances, and timeless beauty that continues to inspire generations of fans.
Ann Margret-beautiful lady. Did shows for our troops in Vietnam because she is a patriot. Portrait, Pin Up, Blond, Anne, Beautiful, Beautiful Celebrities, Beautiful Actresses, Modern Princess, Beleza

Ann-Marget what a gorgeous shot! Ann-Margret is one of the most fascinating of all the gorgeous stars of the 1960's. Multi talented and a risk taker too. Loves motorcycles and taking chances. One of her first movies was one of my favorite comedy films BYE BYE BIRDIE. Here is Ann singing the opening scene. Ann-Margret Olsson becomes Ann-Margret. George Burns propels her into national prominence in Las Vegas. Her meteoric rise to stardom begins with LIFE Magazine cover story. For a really in…

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