Antique quilts

Explore a collection of beautiful antique quilts and find unique and timeless designs that add a touch of elegance to your home. Start your own collection or find the perfect piece to complete your vintage-inspired decor.
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Sometimes when I get an obsession is comes out of left field and hits hard. This is the case with my current love affair with antique quilts. I've always liked them, and have a couple of nice examples, but all of a sudden a few days ago I realized I really really want to collect them, in a big way. First, they're very useful- you never know when you'll need an extra blanket. Secondly, they're gorgeous and each one is unique. Finally, how can you deny the amazing craftsmanship and hours upon…

Zoe Albert
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Whether you are a collector of antique quilts, inherited an heirloom quilt, or came across some orphan vintage blocks at a flea market, you may have questions about how to care for your fabric treasures. Bettina Havig and Darlene Zimmerman, experts on historical quilts, provide answers on how to treat older quilts right.

Melinda Hughes