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For teachers, taking on a new subject can be really challenging, but especially hard if teaching and AP class for the first time. In this blogpost, I reflect on my first year teaching AP biology and some tips, questions to consider, and helpful resources for other high school teachers taking on the subject for the first time. High School Biology Classroom, Abiotic Factors, Reflection Activity, Poster Activity, High School Science Classroom, Ecological Succession, Biology Activity, High School Science Teacher, High School Teachers

Teaching AP Biology for the First Time - It's Not Rocket Science

As we rapidly approach the end to another school year (how is it almost May?!?) I can't help but pause and look back on this year of teaching. This was my first year ever taking on AP Biology so I thought it would be helpful (while it is still so fresh in my memory) to take some time to reflect on the good and the bad from this year and what I've learned from it all. Hopefully this post will be helpful for any teacher who is attempting to tackle AP biology (or really any AP class) for the…

Nikki St John