Aquamarine blue

Add a touch of serenity to your home decor with stunning aquamarine blue accents. Discover top ideas to incorporate this soothing color into your living space and create a tranquil atmosphere.
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Being the official birthstone for March, aquamarine is one of nature’s wonders that reminds of transparent waters lapping the white sandy shores of the Caribbean islands. It is a semi-precious gemstone that comes in endless shades of blue and can be a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection, suitable for daily wear.

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❤︎ Follow us on Instagram to keep updated on sales and have first dibs on new products @CasparCuriosities ❤︎ For your consideration are these super gemmy blue Aquamarine crystal tumbled stones from Pakistan. These are extra small crystals and measure approximately .25 to .5 inches long. These are perfect for crystal grids. These have been heated to improve their color. We sell these by the following weights: 20 grams (30 to 40 stones) 50 grams (75 to 100 stones) 100 grams (150 to 200 stones)…

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Mermaids and sea! These two are the first things to come into my mind when I hear Aquamarine. A birthstone for people who were born in March. A stone whose colors are playing, a dash of blue, and a splash of green! What a dazzling and calming combination!I don't think I am the only one curious about this beautiful gemstone, right?But before anything else, did you know that the word "Aquamarine" derives from a combination of two Latin words, "aqua" and "marina', which means 'water" and "of…

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