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Embark on a journey through time and discover the wonders of ancient civilizations at these captivating archaeological sites. Unearth hidden treasures and unravel the mysteries of the past.
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Pictures of the statues of around the tomb of Commagene King Antochus 1 on the top of Mount Nemrut, Turkey. Stock photos & Photo art prints. In 62 BC, King Antiochus I Theos of Commagene built on the mountain top a tomb-sanctuary flanked by huge statues (8–9 m/26–30 ft high) of himself, two lions, two eagles and various Greek, Armenian, and Iranian gods. The photos show the broken statues on the 2,134 m (7,001 ft) mountain. 4 . If you prefer to buy from our ALAMY PHOTO LIBRARY…

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Typically, when ancient archaeological sites get some form of development, it's a benefit. With development comes better controlled access and funds for excavation, preservation, and restoration. But it also means a lot more visitors. There's nothing more satisfying than arriving at an ancient treasure to find few, if any other visitors there. But with more and more people traveling each year, it's becoming harder and harder to find archaeological sites that aren't crowded with tourists. For…

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Archaeological Digging Site: Two Great Archeologists Work on Excavation Site, Carefully Cleaning with Brushes and Tools Newly Discovered Ancient Civilization Cultural Artifacts, Fossil Remains

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The United States is bar none one of the most diverse countries with a rich cultural heritage; but in times past, have some mysteries yet to be resolved. However, ancient mysteries sites are said to be relics better left unresolved — that’s what they are revered for. The people who long inhabited the American continent