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Explore the world of architecture art and discover stunning ideas to inspire your next design project. From iconic buildings to intricate sketches, unleash your creativity with these captivating art pieces.
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These architectural watercolor studies by Sunga Park seem to drip and fade out of focus like a memory or a dream. The graphic designer and illustrator currently lives and works in Busan, South Korea as a wallpaper designer but it seems her true passion is for watercolor and other artistic endeavors. See much more of her work on Behance and Flickr. If you liked this, also check out the work of Maja Wronska. More

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New Architectural Sculptures by David Moreno Appear As Three Dimensional Drawings | Colossal Draw, Design, Ilustrasi, Resim, Modern, Kunst, Three Dimensional, Abstract, Art Design

Spanish sculptor David Moreno (previously) continues to blur the lines between two and three dimensions with his architectural artworks. Created using hundreds of steel rods and lengths of piano wire, Moreno’s sculptures take the shape of buildings, and his more recent works have ventured indoors, highlighting interior details like doorways and staircases. In 2017, the artist also created a large, immersive installation in the United Arab Emirates titled “Connecting Doors.” Moreno shares his…

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New Architectural Watercolors By Polish Architect Maja Wrońska | Bored Panda   York Art, Architecture, Art And Architecture, Amazing Art, New Art, Art Prints, Architecture Drawing Art, Urban Sketching, Architecture Art

Polish illustrator and architect Maja Wrońska continues her architecture-inspired series of iconic cityscapes. Her charming illustrations were previously featured on Bored Panda, and now she comes back with her new collection of watercolor paintings that depict some lovely scenes from cities like Paris, Rome, Venice, and New York. “My drawings are strictly connected to the architecture so, for sure, architecture is my inspiration,” Wrońska says on her website.

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