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Die Sentimentale, by Johann Peter Hasenclever, circa 1846-47. Tumblr, Giovanni Boldini, Look At The Moon, Winslow Homer, Moon Painting, Classic Paintings, Window Painting, Old Paintings, Romantic Art

Louis-Philippe, duc de Valois, au berceau, by Nicolas Bernard Lépicié, 1774. The duc de Chartres (later the duc d'Orléans, later still known as Philippe Égalité) gazes at his first-born son, one day to be King Louis-Philippe. Lépicié has also included a portrait of the Orléans' young black servant, Scipion. Die Sentimentale, by Johann Peter Hasenclever, circa 1846-47. The family of Arent Anthoni Roukens, by Willem Joseph Laquy, 1786. The battle-painter, Jørgen Sonne, in his studio, by Ditlev…

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Pablo Picasso, Old Guitarist, 1903 Picasso Famous Paintings, The Old Guitarist, Old Guitarist, Picasso Blue Period, Famous Art Paintings, معرض فني, Picasso Blue, Art Picasso, Guitar Wall Art

Most of the time I focus on colorful landscapes and seascapes, but this post is a change of theme. I will be taking a closer look at some of the most dramatic paintings I have come across. These paintings demonstrate just how powerful art can be and how much emotion we are able to depict

Κατερίνα Κούκου
Carlo Dolci - Allegory of Patience [1677] | Carlo Dolci (Flo… | Flickr Baroque Painting, Rennaissance Art, Baroque Art, Italian Painters, Caravaggio, Art Appreciation, Classical Art, Anatomy Art, Rembrandt

Carlo Dolci (Florence, May 25, 1616 - Florence, January 17, 1686) was an Italian painter of the Baroque period. His painstaking technique made him unsuited for large-scale fresco painting. He painted chiefly sacred subjects, and his works are generally small in scale, although he made a few life-size pictures. He often repeated the same composition in several versions, and his daughter, Agnese Dolci, also made excellent copies of his works. [Oil on canvas, 71 x 54 cm]…

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