Art lessons for high school

Unleash your creativity with these exciting art lessons designed specifically for high school students. Explore a variety of techniques and mediums to develop your artistic skills and express yourself through art.
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Lindsay Malings
Art and Daisies: 20 Graphic Design Art Lessons for High School Students High School, Inspiration, Software, Art Lesson Plans, Design, Art, Teaching Graphic Design, Graphic Design Lesson Plans, Graphic Design Lessons

In any Graphic Design or Digital Art class, the very first lessons must introduce students to graphics software - such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator - and digital hardware, such as cameras and scanners. However, once students have a good handle on the equipment, where does a teacher go next? What art lessons can be taught that are meaningful, relevant and motivating, help students master software, and teach them about the professional field of Graphic Design? Here are 20 Art & Design…

Art and Daisies