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Discover innovative techniques and projects from experienced art teachers to inspire and nurture creativity in your students. Find tips and resources to enhance your teaching skills and create an engaging art classroom.
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Welcome to the How-To Guide for First Year Art Teachers where I give you my 10 Steps for Success! Congratulations! You got your own classroom. OH MY GOSH, you have your own classroom. Your mind and stomach start racing, both with extreme excitement and panic because now, it all just got real. You will have a lot of students, a lot of planning, and a lot of classroom to keep organized. Figuring out where to even start is a huge stress and will require a tea (or a beer) and a nap (probably…

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Recently, I posted my favorite winter lessons for my students (you can find it here!) Today I thought I'd share my fave Christmas crafts for we adults! These are projects I've done with my friends in years past when I hosted Christmas craft nights. One of my favorite things to do during the holidays...that I've just not been able to do this year. But that doesn't mean we still can't create! You might even want to schedule a Zoom craft night with friends to give these a whirl. So here we…

Risa Cates
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The Arty Teacher. The leading art teacher website in the UK. The Arty Teacher provides art resources to art teachers around the globe.

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For the past 2 years my school has had school-wide laminated paper hall passes - but this year our principal told us that we could make our own (which is awesome because those paper passes were coming back from the bathroom with wet spots - EW). As she was presenting this information during our staff meeting, the PowerPoint she was showing happened to have an example picture of a hall pass on a paintbrush. Obviously I immediately fell in love! Once I got home I looked for some inspiration…

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