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Unlock your artistic potential with comprehensive tutorials on various art techniques. Learn how to create stunning artwork using step-by-step instructions and expert tips.
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Creating Beautiful Tissue Papers for Collage

If you are looking to personalize your art journal projects, creating mixed media tissue paper is a fun way to get unique colors and textures. Creating mixed media tissue paper is easy and only requires a few materials. In this tutorial I will share with you three different techniques for getting a variety of different

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Quality & Quantity: How to Create Art that Sells

By Aletta de Wal in Art Business Advice > A-Z Art Marketing Guide Welcome back to “The ABC’s of Art Marketing”—an alphabet guide to marketing your art, from A to Z. In today’s article, I’ll be focusing on the letter “Q” for Quality and Quantity. As you may remember, in my last post I urged you to trade perfection and procrastination for productivity and progress. Now I want to describe where quality and quantity come in. Quality is the proper response to […]

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The Only 5 Shades of Gouache You'll Ever Need

I have a very minimalist approach to art supplies, which is why I love gouache. It’s portable, easy to use, and doesn’t make a mess. The only complication with gouache is deciding which shades to purchase. If you use many tubes of paint, it becomes less portable and takes up more space on your deskt

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