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RARE ANTIQUE JAPANESE Satsuma Bowl late 1800s - $1,900.00 | PicClick Antique Bowls, Asian Ceramics, Satsuma Vase, Japanese Vase, Ancient Technology, Asian Decor, 100 Years Old, Japanese Porcelain, Japanese Pottery

RARE Antique Japanese Satsuma Bowl late 1800s • $1,600.00

RARE Antique Japanese Satsuma Bowl late 1800s. This piece is nearly flawless! A small amount of wear around the rim of the bowl is noticeable. This piece is in amazing condition for being over 100 years old! This is a truly unique item, signed on the bottom by well-known artist Kitamura Yaichiro. This stunning Satsuma Bowl dates from the late 1800s and has intricately hand-painted details showing women in the country covering the entirety of its surface. This piece is nearly flawless! A…

Lesley McGibbon