Awkward texts

Prepare to laugh and cringe with these hilarious and awkward text messages. Discover the most awkward and funny conversations that will leave you in stitches.
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Have you ever found yourself wondering about what could have been? Some of us often find ourselves in nostalgic moves as we go over all the people we have met and loved along the way. It can sometimes be tough to put those feelings to rest. However, texting an ex-partner might not be the best way to bring those memories back to life. After all, there’s usually a reason for the split and trying to reignite the flame might be too much to handle.Not only was this person thinking about their…

Duncan Marshall
Jimmy Fallon Challenges The Internet To Share Their Most Awkward Text Exchanges Text Fails, Break Up Texts, Job Fails, Spicy Memes, Awkward Texts, Friend Things, You Had One Job, Spotlight Stories, Text Stories

Sometimes it's hard to imagine how people managed to stay connected before technology. I mean, come on, waiting for a letter to arrive? Going through telephone operators? Yes, we shudder at the thought of waiting to connect to others. However, even in the digital age where we are connected on multiple platforms - miscommunication and awkward situations can still arise and more often than you might think.

Bored Panda
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Late Night host Jimmy Fallon took to Twitter for another one of his famous challenges, asking people to share a screenshot of their most awkward text exchanges with the hashtag #MyAwkwardTexts for the chance to be featured on his show.

Andrea LJ