Awning windows

Enhance the look and functionality of your home with stylish awning windows. Discover top ideas to let in natural light and fresh air while maintaining privacy and energy efficiency.
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All about Windows - Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Before we get to the windows, be sure to listen to today’s podcast episode on selecting the right accent chair. LISTEN HERE This post is sponsored by MILGARD WINDOWS AND DOORS I am going to tell you a little story. In my younger days, in our old house, we had very ugly windows. I tried […]

Cedar Hill Farmhouse
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Awning Window - Cross Grille

A cross grille awning window is a type of window commonly used in traditional and historical architecture. It features a rectangular frame made of wood, vinyl, or other materials that supports multiple panes of glass arranged in a cross pattern. The individual panes of glass are separated by bars. The Awning Window (Cross Grille) is available in a range of sizes with widths between 1’6”-5’ (45.7-152.4 cm), heights ranging from 1’6”-5’ (45.7-152.4 cm), and an overall sill depth of 5” (12.7…