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Discover a variety of nutritious baby food ideas tailored to each stage of your little one's development. From purees to finger foods, find the perfect recipes to support your baby's growth and introduce new flavors.
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Get the newly updated Baby Weaning Chart with the 2017 AAP guidelines here. Since posting this weaning chart back in 2012, I have received a lot of feedback. Overall, I think most people using this chart have found it helpful as they understand that it is to be used as a guide throughout the long and gradual process of weaning. Of course, since the internet is what it is, I also received negative feedback from parents concerned that this chart promoted introducing foods too early and, thus…

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My daughters are toddlers now, but I'll never forget my reaction the first time someone asked me if I was excited to start them on solids: I almost cried. Up until that point, I was their only food source, and I liked that level of dependence. Plus, the closer we inched to the six-month-mark, the more I was reminded that time moves too quickly. Alas, the clock wasn't going to slow down, and my girls were guaranteed to get hungrier. But when it came to starting babies on solids, I felt lost…

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Going from exclusively breastfeeding or bottle feeding to eating solids can be a big deal for both parents and their little ones. Suddenly your infant, who survived only on liquids for months, is now interested in solid food! That’s why starting solids can be an adventure for both of you and your little one. We’ve cr

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