Banana plants

Transform your garden with unique and beautiful banana plants. Explore our top ideas to add a tropical touch to your outdoor space and create a stunning oasis.
Propagating banana plants is easier than you might think. In this guide I’ll teach you how to identify banana plant pups or babies and how to tell if they’re mature enough to propagate. From there I’ll walk you through all the steps, from exactly how division propagation works, to ensuring that you’re using a good soil, and avoiding as much transplant shock as possible. Once you learn how to grow new banana plants from pups you’ll be able to expand your collection, and share with your friends. Garden Care, Container Gardening, Grow Banana Tree, Growing Fruit, Growing Plants, How To Grow Bananas, Gardening Tips, Gardening For Beginners, Plant Care

The easiest way to propagate banana plants is by division. New banana plants develop from the base of the plant, and those are called pups or suckers. Learn about the different banana propagation methods, when to divide banana plants, and get step-by-step instructions for how to propagate banana plants.

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Bananas are beautiful exotic plants with lush green foliage that are fast-growing and can give a tropical look and feel to any garden or home. If you are a fan of exotic tropical plants like us and want to grow banana trees but don't have enough space or live in a…

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