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Explore a wide range of trendy Barbie clothes that will elevate your doll's style and make playtime even more fashionable. Discover the latest designs and create stunning outfits for your Barbie collection.
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As you all know, I have a 6 year old daughter. This I something I have been meaning to do...make Barbie doll clothes. I do have a sewing machine. But I hate getting it out. It atm is blocking an outlet that protects josh from getting to it and pulling the plug on our AC. So anyways. Yes finally I have made time to create some quick and simple Barbie doll clothes that don't make my daughters Barbies look like "sluts" yes I hate all the modern clothes. I like my Barbies to look well dressed…

Mariluz Perez
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Barbie made to move Barbie made to move Barbie made to move If you want to pin the patterns and images you can find on Pinterest under the title of A-01-BARBIE My Couture B arbie made to move

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