Bedroom red

Transform your bedroom into a bold and beautiful sanctuary with these inspiring red bedroom ideas. Create a cozy and passionate atmosphere that will make you fall in love with your bedroom all over again.
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Explore how warm wall colours can transform your bedroom into a cozy sanctuary. From soothing beige to rich terracotta and golden yellow, discover the perfect hues to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Learn how different shades can influence the ambiance of your bedroom, making it the ideal retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation. Get inspired by our selection of warm wall colours for bedrooms and turn your space into a luxurious haven of comfort and style.

Pippa Belsten
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Today, I am sharing more of the boathouse decked out for the Christmas season. The iron bed was a yardsale find as everything else in here is ~ even the linens are from various thrift shops. The boathouse was built by my husband and son a few years ago, using old windows,doors and some old beadboard etc.and since neither one of them are carpenters I think they did an amazing job! Love the ambiance of the fireplace. Would you like to curl up with a book and a cup of tea? My red transferware…