Best dumplings

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of the best dumplings. Explore mouthwatering recipes to make at home and find the top restaurants that serve these delectable delights.
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Welcome to DAY 2 of the Lunar New Year Series, and today we will be making Pork and Chives Dumplings, which brings you WEALTH in the New Year! Dumplings are a traditional lucky dish that symbolizes wealth since it resembles ancient gold ingots. In my culture, the more dumplings you eat during Lunar New Year, the more money you make in the new year! Not only are dumplings good luck, but these juicy, delicious Chive Dumplings are also the best dumplings you will EVER try!

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These delicious morsels of doughy goodness are cooked on the top of a flavoursome stew, or as the case often is in Scotland, on top of Mince and Tatties. They're really easy and can add a lot to your dish! Dumplings are traditionally made with beef suet, which enhances their flavour, but as suet isn't a common cupboard staple anymore, you can also substitute it with butter or other options. See our notes below!

Edie Wright