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Nero the dog was out walking with his owner when a tiny crow decided to follow him around. He stays behind the pup and his intentions are very clear- he wants to mess with the poor guy. He even pecks the tip of Nero’s tail at one point. It is both adorable and hilarious at

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Most people think parrots are really gifted mimics. Yes, some of them are basically like feathered tape recorders. But some breeds of parrots show a high level of intelligence. They are doing a lot more than just spitting back whatever they hear to their mommy or daddy. Take this video of a bird that’s starring

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"This Footage of Baby Goats Jumping All Over the Place Is Something You Won't Want to Miss" — #goats #goat #farm #animals #cute #animals #pets #video via @madlyoddcom Funny Animal Videos, Dogs, Dog, Humour, Baby Goats, Friends, Videos, Pigmy Goats, Baby Pygmy Goats

Goats were one of the first animals that people domesticated and in the 10,000 years since, people have valued goats for their milk, and of course, their eagerness to clear the land of weeds and brush. Not surprisingly, this important and versatile farm animal figures prominently in the mythology of numerous cultures. Despite having hooves,

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Watch this video and find out, how a horse says "Thank you!" There are many organizations that are making a difference for animals in distress. One of the most important is "Four Paws." They have a presence in the US and around Europe to help animals of all sorts. They have been responsible for the