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eAhora Romeo Pro (Newest Upgraded) 60Ah Peak 1600W Electric Bike for Adults 100-200 Miles Long Range Electric Bike 26 * 4.0 Fat Tire Electric Bike Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike : Sports & Outdoors

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I had ordered some parts in order to add power and top speed to my Razor Dune Buggy (24V 500W motor, 36V 500W controller, and 36V battery). I've now done the install but unfortunately, the top speed is unchanged. I was hoping that running the 24v motor at 36v would result in an RPM around 3,750 (2,500 x 1.5). Do you know why that's not the case? If that's not going to work, my other options are: 1) Keep the 24V 500W motor but go back to a 24V battery and controller and change the motor…

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