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Enhance the look and comfort of your boat with top-quality carpet. Find the perfect boat carpet that suits your style and enjoy a luxurious experience on the water.
COBALT BOATS-Replacing the old carpets makes a big difference on these great boats! Aquaweave is a vinyl flooring. With the best backing in North America. Comes with 5 year warranty. Our palette will match any boat style. TELA specializes in custom carpets for a perfect, impecable, fit. Easy to clean and maintain, mold resistant, UV resistant and soft on your feet. Messy fiends, pets, children? Enjoy them, don't suffer any more, enjoy the best ride in the water! TELA Boat Carpets. Tela, Boat Carpet Replacement, Boat Rugs, Boat Flooring Ideas, Boat Cushions, Cobalt Boats, Marine Carpet, Carpet Replacement, Boat Carpet

COBALT BOATS-Replacing old carpets makes a big difference on any boat. A stained, stinky, broken carpet creates a bad image of your boat. It does not matter if the motor is new, or you spent money on a new impeller. Our carpets are easy to clean and maintain and our Aqualoc backing will not melt on your floor. Messy friends, pets, children? Enjoy their company and don't worry, just enjoy a wonderful day in the water!

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How to Use Shaving Cream to Clean Boat Carpet? In today's guide, we'll walk you through a simple yet effective method to clean your boat carpet using an unconventional yet reliable ingredient – shaving cream. Join us as we will share the "barbasol trick" to Use Shaving Cream to Clean Boat 2017 Skeeter ZX 200 carpet. Key takeaways: - Shaving creamproves to be a surprisingly effective and economical solution for

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As a longtime industry leader, Matworks Ltd is always ready for this boating season with inventory of our Duraweave Marine Vinyl Flooring (comparable to Sea Grass). This type of marine floor covering has become very popular. The companies that Matworks does OEM carpet for has been switching to this material as it is waterproof, stainproof, fadeproof-- pretty much "everything proof". If it is spilled on, a quick wipe up is all that is usually needed. It dries much more quickly than carpet…

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If you're ready to get rid of that old moldy carpet in your Tracker, you can--literally--lift the flooring out to make the change, then replace it with new carpet. The only problem you might face is that the old carpet may have been glued to the boat's deck panels. If not, all you need to do is is remove that ...

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