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Explore creative body photography ideas to capture stunning portraits that showcase the beauty and uniqueness of the human form. Discover tips and techniques for creating captivating images that leave a lasting impression.
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Jingna Zhang is a Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia beauty photographer in Los Angeles, New York and Seattle. Her beauty editorial and film clients include Vogue China, Vogue Japan, Harper’s Bazaar China, and Elle Singapore. Her makeup and skincare clients include Pond’s, Shiseido, Cle de Peau Beaute, Lancome, and EM Cosmetics by Michelle Phan.

Sophia Lasson
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TINS To the things I've never said. To the things you've never said. To the the words that have never been spoken To all those emotions that couldn't have a chance to be expressed. To all and every single piece of mind that could never been understood To all of those who never believe that word have value. To all the important things that has to be secrecies. Words speaks for itself and has lived for decades. That's why poetry exists, not only for lovers but for the thoughts and feelings…

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