Body positivity photography

Celebrate and embrace body positivity with these inspiring photography ideas. Capture the beauty and confidence of diverse bodies and spread a message of self-love and acceptance.
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The cultural conversation about body positivity is changing thanks to unapologetic figures such as Lizzo and La'Shaunae Steward flying the flag for diverse plus-size bodies. But as we recently saw with reactions to Adele’s weight loss, we still have a long way to go until we can truly celebrate bodies of all sizes.

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Photographer Captures People Who’ve Been Bullied For Having A Different Body To Fight Traditional Beauty Standards | Bored Panda Male Body, People, Body Imperfections Aesthetic, Body Photography, Human Body Photography, Body Images, Body Dysformia Photography, Body Study, Body Positive Photography

Even though beauty is seen differently by everyone, there are some standards that many people chase after. Facial features, body types, eye/hair colors and textures - there are many pieces to this beauty standard puzzle. Francesc Planes, a 22-year-old photographer from Spain, took it upon himself to encourage change.