Book release party ideas

Host an unforgettable book release party with these unique and creative ideas. From themed decorations to interactive activities, make your book launch a memorable event for your guests.
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You’ve finally published the book you’ve spent months, years, even decades dreaming about. Now it’s time to celebrate! One way to celebrate your writing is to throw a book release party, but before you dive into event planning check out these tips on publication parties to decide if you even want on

Jaime Johnson
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There were a few extra special goodies and favors at the book party. What book worm wouldn’t want their own little bag of bookworms to munch on, while indulging in their favorite page-turner? These were displayed in a bowl on the bookshelf, for the children to grab and enjoy either during the party or to […]

Shayna Murphy
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When it comes to parties, I tend to roll large. Most of the time this is fine, but in terms of book launch events it may have backfired since my social tendencies and inability to turn anything down resulted in the world’s most over-scheduled book release day. I started off before sunrise with an insane TV segment where a morning show