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Join us for an exciting book signing event in your area. Get the chance to meet your favorite authors, get books signed, and discover new releases. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with the literary community.
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When it comes to parties, I tend to roll large. Most of the time this is fine, but in terms of book launch events it may have backfired since my social tendencies and inability to turn anything down resulted in the world’s most over-scheduled book release day. I started off before sunrise with an insane TV segment where a morning show

Amelia Semple
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Y’all it was wonderful. If you’ve been hiding/living/digging/making crafts under a rock and somehow missed my nonstop talking and obsessing, the short version is my baby sister wrote a book Grace for the Good Girl and Mom and I threw her a big party and invited everyone to come celebrate. And they did and we did. This post is gonna be all photos, most of them from my sister’s camera because I do two things at a party without fail: sweat and forget to take pictures. So get your fingernail…

Christina B
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I did two book signings in February and one last week. I was, to put it mildly, extremely nervous about this. I’m an introvert that doesn’t like meeting new people face to face. I don’t like pitching things to people after years of retail having to do just that. I really don’t like pitching my…

Annie Charme
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Ever have a great idea for a story or a song you're writing, and you scribble it down on whatever scrap of paper is nearby — whether it's on a Starbucks napkin, the back of a receipt you found at the bottom of your purse, or, let's face it, the back…

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Lorraine Devon Wilke- Author There are lots of rules in the writing game. LOTS. Ask anyone in the biz for advice, do a little research on norms and protocols, get active in social media groups on the topic, and you’ll be bombarded with generalized and specific do’s and don’ts, articles with titles like, “the 10 […]