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Choosing the right fonts for your brand is crucial as they play a significant role in conveying the desired message and evoking specific emotions. First impressions matter, and fonts are often the first thing people notice in your designs. They convey personality, mood, and professionalism. When you select fonts that align with your brand’s identity, […]

NOBU's Canned Spirits Are Mixing Modern Vibes With A Futuristic Aesthetic | Dieline - Design, Branding & Packaging Inspiration Logos, Logo Inspiration, Logo Restaurant, Minimalist Logo Design, Logo Design Inspiration, Brand Logo Design, Logo Branding, Brand Logo, ? Logo

Slava Fedutik designed the futuristic packaging for NOBU, the brand looking at classic cocktails in a whole new way. The dynamic typography mixed with the striking color combinations makes the cans a unique mix of modern and futuristic. Each flavor is packaged within a different can that’s reflective of the tastes within. NOBU’s canned spirits […]


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