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Make sure you have everything you need on your wedding day with our must-have bridal list ideas. From essentials to unique touches, create the perfect checklist for your special day.
Wedding Checklist GREAT bridal checklist to help you stay on track for your big day! This is by far one of the best timelines I've seen!  That's right beautiful brides, you should be booking your DJ at least 8 months before the event to ensure the highest quality entertainment for your big day! Brides, Wedding Planning, Wedding Planning Checklist, Wedding Planning Checklist Timeline, Wedding Checklist Timeline, Wedding Planning Tips, Budget Wedding, Wedding Checklist, Guest List

This quick article is intended as a guide to help you plan the essential elements in the countdown fashion to the wedding day. You can organize everything in advance and everything should go smoothly and seek help from family, close friends and professionals. One year before your wedding First things first, set the special date...

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Congratulations! Your wedding day is just around the corner. It’s time to get prepared for the BIG day. With a little help from this awesome ultimate bridal packing list, you’ll be ready in a minute.

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