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Explore the mesmerizing world of bridge architecture and discover the most stunning bridges from around the globe. Get inspired to visit these engineering wonders and witness their beauty firsthand.
San Shan bridge in Beijing, China by Penda Baroque Architecture, Beijing, Urban, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, China, Bridge Design, Architecture Building, Architecture House

Architecture studio Penda has teamed up with engineering firm Arup to design a bridge made up of overlapping rings for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Designed to span the Gui River, the bridge will create a new direct route between central Beijing and Zhangjiakou, a district to the northwest of the city where many outdoor competitions will take

Margaret Wilson
Chongqing, Futurism, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Infrastructure, Cable Stayed Bridge, Concept, Pedestrian Bridge, Architect

In 1968, China embarked on a journey of reform that saw its once closed-off Communist society open-up to the rapidly globalizing world around it. This transformation of mentality, economics, and culture was set to reform the People's Republic of China into a modern superpower. Kris Provoost has been documenting the changing face of the futuristic city of Chongqing.

tezz te Ariki
Pedestrian bridges of Nur-Sultan: Seruen, Karaotkel and Atyrau Architecture, Pavilion Architecture, Pavillion, Parametric Architecture, Bridge Design, Unique Architecture, Timber Architecture, Bridges Architecture, Landscape Architecture Design

Nur-Sultan is divided into two parts: the right bank and the left bank, and they are separated by a river called 'Yesil' in Kazakh and 'Ishim' in Russian. The banks are connected with bridges. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the city and you like walking, I recommend using pedestrian bridges. Walking over these crossings from one shore to another, you will get to experience the best views of the city. The sightseeing is possible at Seruen, Karaotkel, and Atyrau, three pedestrian…