Brown bread

Discover a variety of delicious and nutritious brown bread recipes. Elevate your meals with these homemade bread ideas and enjoy the wholesome goodness of brown bread.
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You can get Irish-style flour from the mill in Ireland (linked in the post) or from King Arthur Flour. Should you live elsewhere, check out my tips for finding foods online where you are. If you don’t want to mail away for it, you might try replacing up to 4 tablespoons of the whole-wheat flour with wheat germ and see if you like the results. Otherwise, try to get good quality whole-wheat flour, preferably stone-ground. If you wish to use all whole-wheat flour, you can omit the white flour…

Brandi Carter
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This reminds me of the brown bread my grandmother made whenever we went out east to visit. The aroma evokes fond memories of her New England home during the peak of fall. I use blackstrap molasses and agave nectar to make mine a little different without sacrificing any of the flavor. Cranberries are another special touch, but this would also taste delicious with raisins. —Kellie Foglio, Salem, Wisconsin

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