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Learn essential bushcraft skills to enhance your outdoor adventure. Discover tips and techniques for survival, fire-making, shelter-building, and more to become a true outdoor expert.
As a history lesson or possible backyard project, this stone oven is a handy piece of knowledge worth consideration. | Posted by: SurvivalofthePrepped.com Camping, Primitive, Emergency Preparation, Outdoor, Gardening, Homestead Survival, Homesteading, Outdoor Survival, Backyard Projects

Stone Oven -How to Build / Use Primitive Cooking Technology-: Whether in modern or primitive times, the cooking gear needed to grill or bake a hearty meal can be appreciated by all. This Instructable is an introduction to a more basic cooking technology, from a time when electric/gas stoves and ovens had not y…

Catherine Manning
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A Week in the Wilds part 3...the story continues... With the Hunter Gatherer challenge week already taking bookings for October 2014 I thought I should get back on here and conclude the story of my own experiences whilst taking part in the course during the autumn of 2012. Part one gave an outline of the challenge, what would be required, the tools and equipment we took and explained my own strategy in achieving the basic essentials for survival outdoors, most of which needed to be completed…

Jana Andersson

Upgrade your bushcraft skills with these 20+ wilderness survival ideas. 25 Bushcraft Skills Every Survivalist Should Brush Up On Make This Bushcraft Skills Checklist Handy Bushcraft skills use the natural materials around to get food, build shelter, and defend yourself. As a survivalist, you need to learn not just one but as many bushcraft survival skills as […]