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Plan your dream vacation in California and discover the top destinations, attractions, and activities to make the most of your trip. Start exploring now!
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If you’re visiting California and wondering what the best things to do are then you must see this California bucket list. We have listed the top fifty things to do across the Golden State including Southern California, the Central and Northern California Coast, the high Sierras and the Southern Ca

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Here are the top 25 places to go in Southern California that are fun for kids and families! Some locations I bet you've never heard of but if you're taking a California vacation they are the best places to visit. Where to stay and how to get free tickets to Disneyland shared here too from a family who lives locally.

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{:en}Scenic roads, metropolises, and small but chic towns, forests with giant trees, and vineyards, these are the 10 must-see places in California{:}{:es}No es fácil elaborar una lista de 10 mejores lugares para visitar en California, probablemente el estado más complejo de Estados Unidos.{:}

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