Candida albicans

Learn about the causes, symptoms, and treatments of Candida Albicans, a common fungal infection. Discover how to effectively manage and prevent Candida overgrowth for a healthier lifestyle.
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Research shows that Candida triggers histamine release, but did you know you can be allergic to candida, causing repeated, longer lasting or more intense infections? Or that those with chronic candida are 70% more likely to have a history of family allergies and allergic rhinitis? There’s really exciting news though – Tufts researchers have made a discovery […]

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Candida albicans (Yeast) (Note: For Candida dubliniensis, scroll to bottom of this post.) I thought I’d start off my return from ‘sick leave’ by checking out the lab’s new digital camera. Just back, I have no “exotic” isolates to play with and explore so I’ve just retrieved a common, everyday Candida albicans. I’ve often, been disappointed in photographs found in most textbooks as they are small in size, black & white, poorly focused and often scrunched between a few lines of description…

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