Chloe miraculous

Explore the magical adventures of Chloe in the Miraculous series. Join Chloe as she embraces her destiny and fights alongside Ladybug and Cat Noir to protect Paris from evil. Discover the thrilling episodes and captivating moments in Chloe's journey.
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Nerdy Max? The fake reporter? DJ headache!? What has possessed Ladybug to choose such losers as her superheroes? Oh, simple, little Kim too! For a moment there, I thought you only had to wear glasses to get a Miraculous. Don't know this one. He's cute. But he gets his clothes from a dumpster! Oh no, not this one! Ugh, my, such ridiculous choices! Utterly ridiculous! Anyway, grab your Miraculous!Miracle Queen to Ladybug hero sidekicks Chloé Bourgeois is the central antagonist/major…

Alisha Perry