Christmas art projects

Get into the holiday spirit with these fun and festive Christmas art projects. Explore a wide range of ideas for kids and adults to create beautiful and personalized decorations for the season.
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Art Education Connections for Teachers: Some of the key terminology that can connect with this lesson includes form, texture, variety, proportion, space, perspective, culinary art. What is the origin of gingerbread houses? The tradition of decorating gingerbread began in Germany in the 1800's, and became highly popularized by that eerie witches house made of sweets

Ashley Gail
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I'm not an artist - so trust me - if I can make this painting, it has to be pretty easy! I HAD to try this art project just because it's fun. And cool. And sciency. (My browser is telling me that's not a real word... haha) This salt and watercolor snowflake art project actually teaches you something, and I LOVE that! I'll be the first person to raise my hand and admit, 'I can't draw or paint'. And trying to make me do either of those two things will make me want to hide my head in…

Taylor Chambers
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My students have been on a BIG winter homes kick per our last Winter Village lesson. So I decided to encourage them to take their imaginations a step further and give them the opportunity to create the interior of a winter home all decorated for the holidays. Now, in full disclosure, I actually came up with this lesson

Erin Aschenbeck