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Freebie Vault Login How do I login??? Keep Reading! Welcome to the freebie vault, Teacher Friend. As a thank you for being an email list subscriber and supporter of my business, I love to create and add monthly freebies for YOU to enjoy! It is absolutely free to join this community and to continue to […]

Olivia Sussner
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I am a big believer in assigning classroom jobs as it offers multiple benefits for both teachers and students. While many teachers might feel intimidated by applying such a system I always thought that with the proper organization this is actually super-easy to implement. One of my favorite resources to put this system in practice are these FREE Llama Classroom Jobs printables that I created to make this as easy and as smooth as possible. How classroom jobs can benefit both students and…

Alyssa Velez
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WAHOOO! The BIG classroom reveal! I made some new additions to my rainbow classroom this year and kept all my fun makeover items from last year, too! When I was taking the pictures for this post, I thought of a few more things I wanted to update. It is always a work in progress! I am always adding new activities, taking out the old, putting up new student work, taking down the old, and organizing.

Rosario Rosales