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Enhance your coaching skills to become a more effective leader and achieve greater success. Discover top strategies and techniques to empower and inspire others to reach their goals.
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Coaching is one of the essential skills required for a Scrum Master to be effective. Coaching along with Facilitation and Teaching skills enable the Scrum Master to be successful at their role. The Scrum Master coaches the Development Team, the Product Owner, and the Organization. Coaching empowers and brings out the best in them. A coach…

Toluwalope Ogunwale
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Have you ever thought about making the jump and becoming a professional life coach? Despite the global mess that is 2020, life coaching has proven to be an increasingly popular, practical, and sustainable profession. Globally, there are more than 71000 coach practitioners, with a large majority being based in North America and Western Europe.

Heather Laughter
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Over the last few weeks, I have been reading about coaching and mentoring. The trigger for all this activity was #lrnchat on 07 April where the topic of discussion was coaching and mentoring. I always enjoy #lrnchat but this particular one was a great opportunity to understand different perspectives about coaching and mentoring and how folks in Learning and Development and HR across corporate, government, and non profit sectors interpret and utilize these techniques. Here are some thoughts…

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