Coconut cream

Indulge in the creamy goodness of coconut with these mouthwatering recipes. From coconut cream pie to coconut milk-based curries, discover new ways to enjoy the tropical flavor.
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Fail-Proof Vegan Whipped Coconut Cream

Made with just 4 simple ingredients, this vegan and dairy-free coconut whipped cream recipe is light and fluffy with a smooth texture. Top pies, berries, hot chocolate, and so much more with this whipped cream substitute. Plus, we include our top tips and tricks for making sure this coconut whipped cream holds its shape, and isn’t too oily or heavy. The secret is in the coconut cream you use!

Alie Maccani
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Coconut Whipped Cream - Coconuts and Kettlebells

This coconut whipped cream is light, fluffy, and creamy! It's super easy and made from a can of coconut milk or coconut cream, so it's dairy free! Plenty of tips and tricks and my recommend brands included below.

Jaclyn H
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Homemade Ice Cream with Coconut Milk

HOMEMADE ICE CREAM WITH COCONUT MILK! This ice cream is easy and made in an ice cream machine for the perfect creamy texture! It's sweetened naturally, vegan, paleo, nut free, refined sugar free.

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