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Stay motivated throughout your college journey with these inspiring ideas. Discover effective strategies to stay focused, overcome challenges, and achieve academic success.
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This Reddit user turned to one of the platform’s favorite communities wondering whether she was wrong to fly back home after overhearing her husband trash-talking her with her mother-in-law.

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Hey guys. It’s Lay.This week has been so hectic for me because my orientation for college was Monday through Wednesday. Each day was kind of a different vibe. Monday was pretty awkward because we were in groups and I just didn’t know anyone from my group but even so I met someone new that I hung out with for a bit. Tuesday aka day 2, I met up with people I talked to online and it was so fun. About 7 of us went to Panera Bread, got food to go and then sat in the school cafeteria. Then we went…

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Study is typically one of those things that requires a quick self-pep-talk before we can get started and get into the mood. Let's not lie, there are usually a few other activities we'd rather be doing. After getting out your books and creating your study space, take some time to get motivated and get your brain into gear. If you're in need of a little study inspo, read these 15 quotes below to get in the zone. Or, if you know someone else needing a little study motivation, you can share them

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