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Explore enchanting color palettes that capture the essence of cottagecore. Discover inspiring ideas to infuse your space with the cozy and nostalgic vibes of this popular aesthetic.
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+ PLEASE NOTE! + This is a digital download file, NOT a physical item. It's a color palette filled with 30 handpicked color swatches for Procreate app. To use the color palette file (Kotastiia_EarthTones.swatches) you have to install Procreate app first! (The alternative way to use this product with other programs is using color picker on the image with color samples) The colors may vary depending on your monitor. + How to download + Right after your purchase and payment confirmation you’ll…

Kayla Campbell
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COTTAGECORE PROCREATE COLOR PALETTE NEUTRAL aesthetic vintage cottage core vibes is the perfect neutral cottage inspired color palette for Procreate, Canva, and beyond. Perfect for digital illustration, pattern design, weddings and branding. This 30 handpicked colors, ready to install in a Procreate palette swatches file. Buy this more than one Procreate Color Palette or bundle with complimentary to save on normal prices. Browse our shop for more useful Procreate tools…

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Procreate Color Palette HOBBIT HUES The "Hobbit Hues" 30 color palette is inspired by the idyllic and cozy world of J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit". This palette is a warm and earthy blend of colors that evoke a sense of comfort, home, and adventure. The palette includes shades of warm brown, rich green, and muted gold that represent the rolling hills, dense forests, and expansive landscapes of Middle Earth. The palette also includes shades of soft yellow, warm orange, and deep burgundy that…

Anne Lee