Common crow

Discover interesting facts about the common crow, including its intelligence, habitat, and behavior. Learn how this remarkable bird has adapted to various environments and explore its role in the ecosystem.
Hooded Crows / Wrona siwa - Corvus cornix

Taken in a Park in Warsaw - added to the UK groups as they can be found here too. Edit 22/05/2012: Hi and thanks to all tumblr followers for viewing. Feel free to find more corvid photos in my photostream. (Shame the 700+ views do not show on here.) Edit 24/09/2016: Hi and thanks to all Pinterest viewers. From what I can make out this photo has been pinned/shared over 10,000 times. This makes this photo probably my most popular.

Lin Kerns
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Do you know what do the House Crow that we complain as nuisance contributes to the environment upkeep? Just read this fantastic post by Sumeet after which you may in fact start appreciating the crow for the job it does! Birds of India: In Praise of Crows: Note: This is not a researched scholarly article based on accepted statistical measurement or scientific data. It examines possibilities and... "It is an understatement to say that they are not much loved. The House Crow, or Corvus…

Dolores Kloster