Confetti balloons diy

Make your next party pop with DIY confetti balloons. Learn how to create these festive decorations that will add a touch of fun and excitement to any celebration.
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Follow these simple steps to create perfect Confetti Balloons. Step 1: Remove the balloon from the packaging. If you do not intend to inflate all your balloons at the same time, we recommend that you store them in a zip-lock bag to prevent the balloons from drying out.

Amber Chavez
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I learned how to make cascarones (confetti eggs) in my middle school Spanish class. My teacher, Ms. Brown, asked each student to bring six hollow eggs. We dyed the shells bright colors and drew decorative designs on them. We then filled the shells with confetti and glitter before sealing them with tissue paper. I had no idea why we were making cascarones. Ms. Brown only told us they were for our upcoming Cinco de Mayo party. On that day, Ms. Brown led us outside. To my surprise she began…

Michele Murray
To make a confetti-filled balloon bouquet, first, grab a clear and white balloons. Then, grab a mini handful of tissue paper confetti. Fold the pile of confetti in half, and then in half again. Once you have a little tube of confetti, push the confetti-tube into the neck of the balloon. Poke down until the clump of confetti falls into the balloon. Fill with helium . Add a ribbon tie and you’re DONE! How To Make Confetti, Sprinkle Shower, Confetti Balloons, Sprinkle Party, Helium Balloons, Confetti Party, Confetti, Balloons, Party Decorations

Guys, your response to the sprinkle party has been overwhelming- sprinkles resonate with you apparently. I get that- they resonate with me too. And, bonus, Piper Jane is totally famous on pinterest right now. I keep getting questions about how to make the confetti filled balloons. They were super easy (seriously, SUPER easy), so I